Insecurity vs self esteem 

As I was trying to understand why certain friends act they way the do I came across the realisation that there is a difference between insecurity and self esteem It was a completely new reconceptualization of something I though I had a solid understanding of. I’m shocked that I had once never seen a difference before. It is possible to be insecure about numerous thing with self being only one of them. Another way to look at may be to look at self esteem as an illness and insecurity as a symptom. But this symptom can appear in many other illnesses so to speak. 


Captivating voice 

1. Speak from your belly and your lower back when you breathe in 

2. When speaking slow down your speach. Give breaks before completing your thought 

3. Incredible vocal range. (Whisper, speed up, slow down, pause) shift the speed of your rythem. Be dramatic! 

being charismatic

Here is the thing, when trying to engage in more interesting conversation or when trying to answer a question that has been framed in a different way you see life, charisma is key.

you must do two very important things.

  1. understand the frame of your conversation. understand what it is representing and whether or not it is appropriate to divert from that frame
  2. go deeper by sharing your own philosophies of life on that topic.

How to let go of self doubt 

1. Work out 

2. Find the lesson from the criticisms you continue to get 

3. Filter the negativity out once you’ve taken the lesson! Get rid of the negative environment or the negative friend. All non actionable negative feedback needs to mitigated 

4. Embodiment – conscious mind and subconscious mind speak different languages ( English vs experiences).  You can do that be my free writhing so you can acc feel the self doubt that’s lingering in your subconscious mind and acc let it out ( feeling of closure) always get rid of it once you are done. 

5. “If you have a strong enough why?, anything is possible” self doubt is and can work to stimulate you! It tells you that subconsciously you want to be better. It tells you that subconsciously you believe you can do better. To combat that you must create a stronger WHY? 

For me I get pissed!!! I get pissed at the fact that I left the power to affect how I feel in the hands of other people! Eg my ex: I get so pisses at myself for letting him act the way he did and not having total control & not being better! That energy then creates above bought WHY? / motivation to rid myself of self doubt and work really hard!